Composer Steven Stucky



Orchestra and Band

  • Ancora, for orchestra (1994) [program note]
  • Angelus, for orchestra (1989-1990) [program note]
  • Anniversary Greeting, for orchestra (1991)
  • Chamber Concerto (2009)
  • Colburn Variations, for string orchestra (2002) [program note]
  • Concerto for Orchestra (1986-87) [program note]
  • Concerto for Percussion and Wind Orchestra (2001) [program note]
  • Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra (1994) [program note]
  • Concerto Mediterraneo, for solo guitar and orchestra (1998) [program note]
  • Double Concerto for Violin, Oboe/Oboe d'amore and Chamber Orchestra (1982-85, rev. 1989) [program note]
  • Dreamwaltzes, for orchestra (1986) [program note]
  • Elegy (2007) from August 4, 1964
  • Escondido Fanfare, for orchestra (1998)
  • Etudes (Concerto for Recorder and Chamber Orchestra) (2000) [program note]
  • Fanfare for Cincinnati, for orchestra (1994)
  • Fanfare for Los Angeles, for orchestra (1993)
  • Fanfares and Arias, for wind ensemble (1994) [program note]
  • Funeral Music for Queen Mary for Orchestra (after Purcell), for wind ensemble (1992) [program note]
  • Hue and Cry, for wind ensemble (2006) [program note]
  • Impromptus, for orchestra (1991)
  • Jeu de timbres, for orchestra (2003) [program note]
  • Kenningar (Symphony No. 4), for orchestra (1977-78)
  • Les Noces, by Igor Stravinsky, orchestrated by Steven Stucky (2005) for solo voices, chorus, and symphony orchestra [program note]
  • Music for Saxophones and Strings (1996) [program note]
  • Noctuelles (Miroirs, No. 1), by Maurice Ravel, orchestrated by Steven Stucky (2001)
  • Pinturas de Tamayo for Orchestra (1995) [program note]
  • Radical Light (2006-07) [program note]
  • Rhapsodies, for orchestra (2008) [program note]
    [video: New York Philharmonic]
    [video: Dallas Symphony Orchestra]
  • Second Concerto for Orchestra (2003) [program note]
  • Silent Spring, for orchestra (2011)
    in memory of Rachel Carson [program note]
  • Son et lumière, for orchestra (1988) [program note]
  • Spirit Voices, for percussionist and orchestra (2002-2003) [program note]
  • Symphony (2012) [program note]
  • Threnos, for wind ensemble (1998) [program note] [video]
  • Transparent Things: In Memoriam V.N., for orchestra (1980)
  • Voyages for Cello and Wind Orchestra (1983-84) [program note]

Solo and Chamber Music

  • Ad Parnassum, for chamber ensemble (1998) [program note]
  • Ai Due Amici, for chamber ensemble (1998) [program note]
  • Album Leaves, for piano (2002) [program note]
  • Allegretto quasi Andantino (Schubert Dream) (2010) [program note]
  • Anniversary Greeting, for chamber ensemble
  • Birthday Fanfare, for 3 trumpets (1993)
  • Boston Fancies, for chamber ensemble (1985) [program note]
  • Cantus, for 6 players (2015) [program note]
  • Dialoghi, for solo cello (2006) [program note]
  • Dust Devil, for solo marimba (2009) [program note]
  • Four Postcards, for marimba and wind quintet (2008)
  • Isabelle Dances, for solo marimba (2009-10)
  • Meditation and Dance, for B-flat clarinet and piano (2004)
  • Movements, for 4 cellos (1970)
  • Movements III: Seven Sketches for Flute and Clarinet (1976)
  • Nell'ombra, Nella Luce (In Shadow, In Light), for string quartet (1999-2000) [program note]
  • Notturno, for alto saxophone and piano (1981) [program note]
  • Partita-Pastorale after J.S.B., for clarinet, piano and string quartet (2000) [program note]
  • Piano Quartet (2005) [program note]
    [ listen to excerpt: Los Angeles Piano Quartet ]
  • Piano Quintet (2010) [program note]
  • Quartet for Clarinet, Viola, Cello and Piano (1972-73) [program note]
  • Rain Shadow (2012), for violin, viola, cello, and piano [program note]
  • Refrains, for 5 percussionists (1979) [program note]
  • Salute, for chamber ensemble (1997)
  • Serenade for Wind Quintet (1990) [program note]
  • Scherzino, for alto saxophone and piano (2010)
  • Sonate en forme de préludes, for oboe, horn, and harpischord (2003-2004)
  • Sonata for Piano (2014)
  • Sonata for Violin and Piano (2013) [program note]
  • Tamayo Nocturne, for chamber ensemble (arrangement of 4th movement of orchestral work Pinturas de Tamayo) (2001)
  • Three Little Variations for David, for piano (2000)
  • Tres Pinturas, for violin and piano (arrangement of 3 movements of the orchestral work Pinturas de Tamayo) (1998) [program note]
  • Varianti, for flute, clarinet, and piano (1982) [program note]

Vocal and Choral

  • American Muse, for baritone and orchestra (1999) [program note]
  • August 4, 1964, for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra (2007-2008) [video: about August 4, 1964]
  • Cradle Songs, for mixed chorus a cappella (1997) [program note]
  • Drop, Drop, Slow Tears, motet for chamber chorus (SSAATTBB) a cappella (1979) [program note]
  • Eight Songs from the Spanisches Liederbuch by Hugo Wolf, orchestrated by Steven Stucky (2008) for medium voice and orchestra [program note]
  • Eyesight, for chorus a cappella (2007) [program note]
  • Four Poems of A.R. Ammons, for baritone and 6 instruments (1992) [program note]
  • Gravity's Dream, for SATB chorus a cappella (2009)
  • The Kingdom of God (In No Strange Land), for SATB chorus a cappella (2008)
  • Les Noces, by Igor Stravinsky, orchestrated by Steven Stucky (2005) for solo voices, chorus, and symphony orchestra [program note]
  • Sappho Fragments, for female voice and chamber ensemble (1982) [program note]
  • Say Thou Dost Love Me, for mixed chorus a cappella (2012)
  • Skylarks, for double chorus (SA and SATB) a cappella (2001) [program note]
  • Spring and Fall: To a Young Child, for SATB chorus a cappella (1972)
  • The Stars and the Roses (2012-13), for tenor and 6 players
  • The Stars and the Roses (2012-13), for tenor and orchestra [program note]
  • Take Him, Earth (2012), for chorus and 9 instruments [program note]
  • Three New Motets, for double choir SATB SATB (2005) [program note]
  • To Musick, for men’s chorus a cappella (2000) [program note]
  • To Whom I Said Farewell, for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra (1992, rev. 2003)
  • Two Holy Sonnets of Donne, for mezzo-soprano, oboe, and piano [program note]
  • Whispers, for soli SATB and SATTBB (2002)
  • Winter Stars, for mixed chorus a cappella (2014)

VIDEO: World premiere performance of The Classical Style, Ojai Music Festival, June 2014 (interview at 0:47; opera at 1:04)
View larger on Ustream

Steven Stucky discusses ‘Symphony’
View larger on YouTube

VIDEO: about August 4, 1964
World Premiere: September 18, 2008
Steven Stucky, composer
Gene Scheer, librettist
Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Interview with Steven Stucky and Gene Scheer for the New York premier of August 4, 1964: Dallas Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall (May 11, 2011).

Review of August 4, 1964, Operagasm (August 9, 2012)

Jeu de timbres, Azusa Pacific University Symphony Orchestra

Steven Stucky

Steven Stucky works on a composition in his studio.
© Cornell University. Photo by Nicola Kountoupes, University Photography


Son et lumière for Orchestra

"Bracing, complex, and entirely engaging ... the directness of its expression and the continuous invention of its lines establish an unflagging rapport between composer and listener."
– Daniel Cariaga,
Los Angeles Times

"... this music pulsates with rhythmic energy and revels in the coloristic possibilities of a large orchestra. Son et lumière is a fast-paced, gripping work with considerable substance beneath its coruscating surface."
– Derrick Henry, Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"Son et lumière ... with its crisp percussion bursts, its trading back and forth between sections of melodic figurations, its gleaming colors and minimalist pulses ... has a wild power about it. Staccato brass fanfares gave way to vaporous textures, gradually vibrating into a slow-build across the orchestra, exquisite and prickly, too ... "
– Richard Scheinen, San Jose Mercury News

Chamber Concerto

"[Stucky's] Chamber Concerto is lyrical, colorful, atmospheric and, in its dark Largo section, gripping; it also manages to evade the self-congratulatory quality that bedevils scores written to exhibit the virtuosity of their players."
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Spirit Voices for Percussionist and Orchestra

"The work ... is not traditionally structured. It's as if you have to be able to maintain at any one moment a consciousness of what has been and an awareness of what's to come for this piece to work, as it certainly did for me ... the orchestral score is as glittering, delicate, and substantial as the soloist's."
– Gil French, Tempo

Second Concerto for Orchestra

"A colorful, delight-bringing score, it has the feel of music we know well lovingly replanted to charm new surroundings ... a perfect fit for an orchestra, conductor and audience. It is music expertly designed to show off the Philharmonic, Music Director Esa-Pekka Salonen and the Disney acoustic at their dazzling best."
– Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

"... a distinguished addition to [his list of works created for the Los Angeles Philharmonic]. ... a fascinating amalgam: color, rhythm, propulsion ... bright solo instrumental writing and breath-stopping dark sonorities."
– Alan Rich, LA Weekly

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